I am always fascinated by the look of a person discovering their vocal abilities for the first time. We live in a deafening world where it is fashionable to be silent (preferably). Speaking, crying, shouting, singing is nevertheless necessary.

Once the voice is released from its cage, you have to experience rhythm, the connection to the heart, to the roots. Feel the tempo and finally meet other voices, in unity.

Then comes improvisation with confidence – the experience of the tightrope walker letting the voice be what she always wanted it to be : free.

© photo - P.F-Blanchard -

Vocal exploration workshop

Weekly classes
Teachers : Daniela Molina Castro and Didier Monge

from wednesday September 19 to wednesday, December 12 2018 (10 classes)

at 29 rue des Orteaux, métro Alexandre Dumas
Price: 260€ (10 classes) + 20€ pantheatre annual membership fee


Voice and rhythm exploration workshop

Weekly classes
Teacher :  Didier Monge

from wednesday September 21 to wednesday, December 14 2018 (10 classes)

at 3 rue d’Avron, métro Avron
Price: 300€ (10 classes)

Discovering your voice through rhythm, vocal improvisation and polyrhythm.

© photo - Paola Daniele -

Private lessons

Private lessons (1h or 2h) take place in Paris or at your home if you have a piano. If you gather a group of friends, a special group rate is also available.

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