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I love voices. I love backup vocals. I fell into the progressive rock scene in my early years. From bass to soprano I love to sing and explore the extremities of the voice. I like to experiment with different genres and am filled with all the music I listened to since childhood. I don’t disown anything. I like the atmosphere of the studio-laboratory, in which we dissect each note, every word, every theme. I love everything that technology allows me to do in my music den.

– Didier Monge –

The Clouds and Light Project

project underway since 2011  (#slowmanisindaplace)

I asked Amy RomeBisan ToronLia PasMaryline GuittonNicola Hardman et Rocio Guzman to write texts that I would put to music, sing and produce. They agreed to participate. An elegant and delicate way to slip behind the microphone, and enter the perspective of a woman, a future mother, a human being, a sister, a friend…. I met these women in Pantheatre and invite you to discover their transformative work.

 » Clouds and Light «  remains the red thread that connects my musical life. Conceived in 1977, it continues to unfold (and reveal my legendary slowness)…

Listen to two track from  » Clouds and Light « below:

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