To produce an album is to encounter and materialize the dream of the artist. It is to enter the fire of intimacy, helping them to forge their work in the world.

My studio is a laboratory in which I take the time to listen, to do, to undo, to remake, to record, to mix for this transformation to take place.

Here are three artists with whom I shared pieces of life

Bisan Toron

Recording Bisan

Toward The Roar

« Toward the Roar » is a turning toward my biography, into the cracks where the nameless waits to be heard. As I allow these impressions to enter my breath, they grow into a vocal color, then a melody cradled in words. The result is this album : each song is a moment of communion with nature, a loved one, or life event. It’s both the movement toward the voiceless cry in the body and a roar of joy toward the sky, from where I stand.

– Bisan Toron – click here to check her website


The music of Bisan Toron is so perfectly crafted and created that it transcends all genres of music and of art in general…Every lush second of it is packed with thought and style and personal presence. Absolutely beautiful!”   – Thomas Moore,  NY Times best selling author, Care of the Soul –
« My profound gratitude to Didier Monge for his extraordinary musical partnership, commitment and artistry » – Bisan Toron

Musical Escapades
Calirezo -Didier Monge

Collaborations with Calirezo started in 2006 and our musical escapades led us to create covers and two original pieces.
She is a graphic painter, graphic designer and singer : her website


Bisan Toron

Backstage Reveries

 – Voice Sketches – 2008 –

The backstage is where everyone mingles and there is the rumbling of soft chaos… where you can hear the odd sounds of voices warming up and quick whispers. It’s where the great promise of release and serenity of exchange with the audience is held… where there is both clock time and the taste of eternity… where you can almost hear the knot in the heart.

It’s in the knot, in the backstage heart that these wild paradoxes and strains, speeding emotions, hopes, desires and thoughts cross – this wealth of dreams made of « anything ». Almost everything is allowed in the backstage.

As I nose-dive into the small knot in the heart, its love-tension widens to hold every visitor – to include any single voice and style of breath, every color and myth, every religion.

– Bisan Toron –

Fanta Mara

Anakan Douma - 2008 -

Fanta Mara is a Guinean artist living in Paris. A previous chorist on many albums, she contacted me in 2005 to produce her own album. After taking the time to understand « Manding music », we delicately arranged and recorded the pieces with the help of her husband. Guinean artists came to record in my small apartment studio, and with great care and attention to detail, we were able to realize Fanta’s dream of creating a fusion music album. 

Credits :  Fanta Mara : Voice, backing vocals, compositions, Producer – Didier Monge : Arrangements, Programmations, Guitars, Backing vocals, Percussions, Sound engineer, mixs. Co-producer – Djeli Sori Diabaté dit « papa » : Guitars, Kora, Bass, Percussions, Voice (N’dianakan) – Doussouba Diabaté : Backing Vocals – Hadja Kouyaté : Backing Vocals – Namassa Diabaté : Backing Vocals – Lenké Kondé : Guitars – Moriké Kouyaté : Guitars – Madou Diabaté : Guitars – Kaba Kanté : Guitars – Sékou Diabaté : Bass – Bagué Diabaté : N’goni – Sédou Kondé : Calabash – Edouard Lepec : Congas, Percussions – Locéni Koné: Djembe – Lanciné Diabaté: Balafon

Kante Manfila

The last album

I worked with Kante Manfila as an arranger for his 1995 album, « Ni Kanu ». In 2003, I suggested we produce his new album in my home studio together; he was delighted. For two years recording artists paraded in and out of the studio while Thierry Cisotto joined the team for the voice recordings and pre-mixes.

Kante left with the premixed tracks in hand to perform the music in Africa as a « dedication release ». At that time, he also arranged the album of Salif Keita « Mofu ». Shortly before his death, we met again to speak about creating a French release of this album, which for the time being remains on the shelf…. to be continued!

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